Main activities of the European institutions

Thursday 21 September

  • EU Council. Informal meeting of transport ministers (Barcelona - and 22/09) (see EUROPE 13256/1). The meeting will focus on improving the accessibility and efficiency of transport and mobility, with working sessions on the key role of transport and mobility in achieving greater social and territorial cohesion, in the context of decarbonisation and digitalisation.
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - ‘Justice/Home Affairs’ Advisers.
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Brussels): - AFET: presentation of the study on the theme “Qualified majority voting in foreign and security policy” (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/8ku ). - PECH: exchanges of views with the Commission on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2024 (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/8ls ).
  • EU Council, European Parliament, European Commission. Inter-institutional negotiations (Brussels). Trilogues on : - Amendments to the regulation on the protection of the EU against market manipulation. - Revision of the regulation on the transport of waste (REFIT).
  • Court of Justice of the EU (Luxembourg). #Judgments: - C-164/22 Juan - (are acts of fraud committed as part of a fraudulent pyramid scheme involving different transactions and victims, different legal persons and partially different periods to be regarded as the same acts within the meaning of Union law?) - C-143/22 ADDE and others - (when a Member State decides to introduce internal border controls, is it obliged to apply the provisions of the “return” directive or may it have recourse to the provisions of the Schengen Borders Code in order to adopt a decision refusing entry to a third country national?).

Friday 22 September

  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Headline Goal Task Force (HTF). - ‘Justice/Home Affairs’ Advisers.

Monday 25 September

  • EU Council. ‘Competitiveness’ Council (Brussels) (see EUROPE 13256/7): *Internal Market and Industry: - Protection of designs: seeking political agreement (‘general approach’) on the Directive on the legal protection of designs (recast of Directive 98/71/EC) and the Regulation on Community designs (amending Regulation (EC) No 6/2002). - Euro 7: seeking political agreement on the Euro 7 regulation (emission and battery durability standards for motor vehicles, engines and components). - Competitiveness: policy debate on the role of competitiveness controls in the formulation of legislative proposals. - Miscellaneous: directive to empower consumers in favour of the green transition (protection against unfair practices and better information); report from the Ibero-American Forum of Governmental Consumer Protection Agencies (Madrid, 13-14/09); EU pharmaceutical legislation from a competitiveness perspective.
  • EU Council. Informal ministerial meeting on culture (Cáceres, Spain - and 26/09)(see EUROPE 13256/22). Work sessions on: - the progress to be made to achieve sustainable management of cultural heritage (culture as an essential public good and a global public good); - strengthening universal access to culture; - promote the fundamental role of culture in the region (signing of the Cáceres Declaration).
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (Civcom). - Working Party on the United Kingdom. - ‘Justice/Home Affairs’ Advisers.
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Brussels): - ECON: monetary dialogue with the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde; examination of the ECB’s 2023 annual report (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/8pn ).
  • European Court of Auditors (Luxembourg). Publication of the special report on « EU actions to support wine growers ».

Tuesday 26 September

  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Security Committee. - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Antici Group. - Mertens Group. - Political and Security Committee (PSC). - ‘Justice/Home Affairs’ Advisers.

Wednesday 27 September

  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Coreper II. - Security Committee.
  • European Commission. Weekly meeting of the College of Commissioners (Brussels).
  • General Court of the EU (Luxembourg). #Judgments: - T-172/21 (Valve Corporation v Commission - did Valve Corporation infringe Union law by taking part in agreements or concerted practices with five separate video game publishers aimed at restricting cross-border sales of a number of PC video games within the European Economic Area?). - T-77/20 (Ascenza Agro and Industrias Afrasa v Commission - did the Commission commit a manifest error of assessment in the evaluation of the genotoxicity of CHP-methyl which led it not to renew the approval of this active substance?). - T-826/14 (Spain v Commission), T-12/15 (Banco Santander and Santusa v Commission), T-158/15 Abertis Infraestructuras and Abertis Telecom Satélites v Commission, T-252/15 (Ferrovial and others v Commission), T-253/15 (Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona v Commission), T-256/15 (Telefónica v Commission), T-257/15 (Arcelormittal Spain Holding v Commission), T-258/15 (Axa Mediterranean v Commission) and T-260/15 (Iberdrola v Commission - does the Spanish tax regime for the deduction of indirect shareholdings by foreign companies fall within the scope of the EU State aid rules?).

Thursday 28 September

  • EU Council. ‘Justice and Home Affairs’ Council (Brussels). *Home Affairs. - Asylum and migration: progress of legislative discussions on the reform of EU asylum legislation; exchange of views on the external dimension of migration, including cooperation with external partners to manage pressures. - Internal security: cooperation with Latin America, particularly in the fight against crime and drug trafficking. - War in Ukraine: debate on extending temporary protection for people who fled Ukraine after the start of the war.
  • EU Council. Informal ministerial meeting of the ‘General Affairs’ Council (Murcia, Spain - and 29/09): - Working sessions on preparations for enlargement. - Presentation of the conclusions of the panels. - Working lunch.
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper II. - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Trade Policy Committee (Alternate Members). - Headline Goal Task Force (HTF). - ‘Justice/Home Affairs’ Advisers. - Political and Security Committee (PSC).
  • Court of Justice of the EU (Luxembourg). #Judgments: - C-692/20 (Commission v United Kingdom - Fiscal marking of diesel fuel - did the United Kingdom take all the necessary measures, before its withdrawal from the Union and during the transitional period, to comply with a judgment of the Court which found that, by authorising the use of marked fuel for the propulsion of private pleasure craft, that State had failed to fulfil its obligations under Union law?). - C-320/21 P and C-321/21 P (Ryanair v Commission- can a Member State adopt an individual aid measure under a derogation provided for by Union law where the whole sector of the economy in which the beneficiary undertaking operates, in competition with other undertakings, has been affected by the event which justified the State intervention and, if so, under what conditions?). #Opinions: C-470/21(La Quadrature du Net and others - Private data and the fight against counterfeiting - in order to identify IP address holders suspected of copyright infringement, should a national authority be able to access identity data without prior review by a court or an independent administrative body?).

Friday 29 September

  • EU Council. Informal ministerial meeting of the ‘General Affairs’ Council (Murcia - Spain). - Working sessions on “Towards Cohesion Policy 2.0”.
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Coreper II. - Justice and Home Affairs Advisers. - Working Party on the United Kingdom. - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG).