Main activities of the European institutions

Friday 30 September

  • EU Council. EU ‘Transport, Telecommunications and Energy’ Council (Special meeting - Brussels) (see EUROPE B13027A5, B13032A5). *Energy. - Energy prices: political agreement sought on a proposal for an EU Council regulation on emergency intervention to deal with high energy prices (extraordinary and temporary measures to reduce demand and redistribute surplus revenue from the energy sector to final customers)
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Working Party on the United Kingdom. - Trade Policy Committee (alternate members). - Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI). - Advisers/Attachés.

Monday 3 October

  • EU Council. Eurogroup (Luxembourg) (see EUROPE B13032A19). - General economic situation: discussion on the macroeconomic situation in the euro area and measures to address high energy prices and inflationary pressures, including an exchange of views with the OECD Secretary-General. - Recovery and Resilience Plans: definition of euro area priorities in the Recovery and Resilience Plans (RRPs) and implementation of the recommendations for the euro area. - Preparation of international meetings: G20 Finance and IMF annual meetings. - ESM Presidency: the European Commission is seeking agreement on who will replace Klaus Regling as head of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). - Digital Euro: Business models of public and private participants in the euro digital ecosystem. (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3bb )
  • EU Council. EU/Israel Association Council (Brussels) (see EUROPE B13032A29). - EU-Israel bilateral relations against the backdrop of global challenges such as Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, the global energy crisis and growing food insecurity (trade, climate change, energy, science and technology, culture, respect for human rights and democratic principles, freedom of religion and the fight against antisemitism).
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper II (review of the new draft sanctions against Russia – see EUROPE B13033A13). - Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (Civcom). - Special Committee on Agriculture (SCA). - Justice/Home Affairs Advisers. - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG).
  • European Parliament. Plenary session (Strasbourg - to 06/10) (see EUROPE B13033A21): - Health Union: debate on provisional agreements to strengthen the EU’s capacity to prevent and control communicable diseases and to tackle health threats (vote on 04/10) - FAST-CARE: debate on simplified rules for using EU regional funds to assist refugees from Ukraine (vote on 04/10) - Hazardous chemicals in waste: debate and approval on 05/10 of the provisional political agreement with the EU Council on new rules on the use of persistent organic pollutants and the management of waste containing them. - Sustainable aquaculture: debate and vote (04/10) on a draft text highlighting the potential of European aquaculture. - Oceans and marine biodiversity: debate and vote (05/10) on a resolution urging the EU to take the lead in global ocean governance and marine biodiversity protection actions ahead of the UN climate and biodiversity conferences (COP27 and COP15) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cn ).
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Strasbourg): - BUDG-CONT: examination of the proposal to apply sanctions to Hungary under ‘Rule of law conditionality’. - BUDG: vote on the committee’s position on the EU general budget for 2023 (rapp. N. Ștefănuță, N. Herbst (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3ca ). - AGRI: vote for opinion on the reports on the amendment of regulations with regard to the chapters REPowerEU chapters of the recovery and resilience plans (rapp. P. Jahr) and the Directive on the promotion of energy from renewable sources, the Directive on the energy performance of buildings and the Directive on energy efficiency (rapp. E. Katainen) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cl )- ENVI: exchange of views with the Ukrainian Minister for Environmental Protection and Natural Resources; adoption of a motion for resolution for COP27 (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cc ). - CULT: Implementation of the new European agenda for culture and the European Union’s strategy in the field of international cultural relations (rapp. S. Yenbou) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cd ). - ITRE: adoption of the draft opinion on the EU general budget for 2023 (rapp. C. Ehler). (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cg ). - TRAN: adoption of the draft reports on the deployment of an alternative fuels infrastructure (rapp. I. Ertug), the use of low-emission renewable fuels in maritime transport (rapp. J. Warborn) and the action plan on the promotion of long-distance and cross-border rail passenger transport (rapp. A. Tardino) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3ci ).

Tuesday 4 October

  • EU Council. EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Luxembourg) (see EUROPE B13033A17). - Energy prices and the REPowerEU plan: exchange of views on high energy prices and financial markets on the basis of a Commission presentation on the state of play; seeking political agreement (general approach) on the proposal for a regulation on the REPowerEU chapters of the recovery and resilience plans. - Economic situation: exchange of views on the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) on the basis of a Commission report; adoption of an implementing decision on the Dutch national plan under the RRF. - War in Ukraine: discussion on the economic and financial consequences of the war. - G20: approval of the EU mandate and statement to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC), in preparation for the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting (12-13/10) and the IMF annual meetings . - Climate finance: approval of conclusions on climate finance for the UNFCCC COP 27 (Sharm el-Sheikh, 6-8/11). - Customs services: debate on the fiscal and non-fiscal role of EU customs services. - Financial services: information by the Presidency and the Commission on the progress of ongoing legislative proposals and implementation of existing legislation in the field of financial services.
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Working Party on the United Kingdom. - Antici Group. - Political and Security Committee (PSC). - Mertens Group. - European Union Military Committee (EUMC).
  • European Commission. Weekly meeting of the College of Commissioners (Strasbourg). - Youth Action Plan in EU external action (Borrell/ Šuica).
  • European Parliament. Plenary session (Strasbourg) (see EUROPE B13033A21): - Energy: Commission presents action plan to contain gas prices. - Common charger: debate and vote on new legislation on the common charger for portable electronic devices (report: EPP-ED) A. Saliba). - Iran: Debate on the women’s rights demonstrations to prepare a resolution to be voted on 06/10. - Hungary: debate on the proposed suspension of EU funds for Hungary under the ‘Rule of law' procedure.) - Armenia and Azerbaijan: update on the military escalation between the two countries during Question Time with HR, Josep Borrell. - Aid to the aviation sector for the Covid-19 pandemic: vote on the application of the urgency procedure on the revision of the aid measures for the aviation sector (increase in the requirement to use slots and maintenance, or not, of the exceptions to the rules in this respect introduced during the pandemic) (final vote on the revision on 06/10). - Roma: Debate with the Council and Commission on their actions to combat the poverty and discrimination faced by the Roma community in several Member States with a view to a resolution to be voted on 05/10. - Wildlife: debate with the EU Council and the Commission on illegal wildlife trafficking with a view to a resolution to be voted on 05/10 in perspective of UN meeting on CITES in Panama from 14 to 25/11 (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cn ).
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Strasbourg): - ITRE: Exchange of views with Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson on the state of play of the energy market (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cg ).

Wednesday 5 October

  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Coreper II. - Financial Services Committee. - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (Civcom). - Trade Policy Committee (Experts - Services and Investment). - Working Group on Export Credits. - Headline Goal Task Force (HTF).
  • European Parliament. Plenary session (Strasbourg) (see EUROPE B13033A21): - War in Ukraine: debate on Russian escalation in the war against Ukraine. - Energy prices: vote on a resolution on energy price caps and energy efficiency following the debate on 13/09. - Schengen: debate on the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen area (vote in plenary session on 11/10) - Floods in Pakistan: debate with the Czech Presidency of the EU Council and the Commission on the humanitarian situation in Pakistan following devastating floods. - Rights-based trade agreements: questions to the Commission, followed by a resolution (vote on 06/10) on the proposal to introduce sanctions against trading partners who fail to respect human, social and environmental rights. - Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law: preparation and vote (on 06/10) of a series of resolutions, notably on the respect of human rights in Haiti, threatened by armed gangs, the repression of press freedom in Myanmar and the human rights situation, notably of children, in Tigray (Ethiopia) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cn ).
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Strasbourg): - FEMM: Coordinators’ meeting. - IMCO: meeting of the shadow rapporteurs on the draft report on consumer credit (rapp. K. Konecna).

Thursday 6 October

  • European Council, Council of the EU and European Commission. Meeting of the European Political Community (Prague) (see EUROPE B13033A17). The first meeting of the EPC will be attended by the leaders of 44 countries, including the EU27 (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3bj ).
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Financial Services Officers. - Headline Goal Task Force (HTF). - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Political and Security Committee (PSC).
  • European Parliament. Plenary session (Strasbourg) (see EUROPE B13033A21): -Food safety: discussion with the Commission on how to tackle the price increases and fertiliser shortages in Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine . (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cn )
  • European Parliament. Committee activities (Strasbourg): - CONT: vote on the draft report on the replacement of a member of the Court of Auditors and hearing of the Lithuanian candidate (Rapp. C. Manda) (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cj ). - REGI: vote on various reports for opinion (agenda: https://aeur.eu/f/3cz ).
  • Court of Justice of the EU (Luxembourg). #Judgments: - C-250/21(O. Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty reprezentowany przez O - are financial services provided under a sub-participation contract exempt from VAT?). - C-436/21 (flightright - air transport from Stuttgart to Kansas City - does the right to compensation of air passengers for long delays apply to connecting flights consisting of flights operated by separate operating air carriers?).

Friday 7 October

  • European Council. Informal meeting of heads of state or government (Prague).
  • EU Council. Preparatory bodies (Brussels): - Coreper I. - Trade Policy Committee (Alternate Members). - Military Committee Working Group (EUMCWG). - Working Party on the United Kingdom.