Agence Europe has published its legendary Bulletin Quotidien Europe since March 1953.

For 70 years now, Agence Europe has been widely considered THE source (some might say the “Bible”) of information on European economic and political integration.

A private company, it was founded in 1952 by news professional in Luxembourg (where the first European Community, the ECSC, had just been established).  Independent of all power-bases, national or other, political or economic, it rapidly acquired worldwide renown.

Later, established in Brussels, Agence Europe set up a multinational team of specialised journalists, dealing with information from their own perspective, a European perspective, but without neglecting aspects relating to national or sectoral interests.

Agence Europe, with its knowledge of problems and of people, and its experience acquired in the field of European construction, has long been the preferred media tool for thousands of subscribers worldwide.

The opinions expressed in our Beacons and Kiosk columns, and by our illustrator, Malt, do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or editor.

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