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Dear Sir or Madam,

Concerning our copyright policy, a distinction has to be made between an individual licence and a multiple licence.

As one might expect, the individual licence is for one user, while the multiple licence is for several users.

Agence Europe is a fully independent publishing company with no links to any political or economic body or group. Subscriptions are its sole source of revenue.

Providing clear, comprehensive, reliable and quality information costs money.

The work of our journalists and translators must be protected.

Together, we must comply with copyright and combat illegal redistribution.

Each one-user licence that works with username and password allows one access at one time; this means that it can be used on different PCs by different people, but not at the same time: if the same username is used for an additional login, the previous user will be automatically logged out.

Each one-user licence that works by e-mail is strictly reserved for the recipient who may not redistribute it. Our ability to invest in high quality journalism depends on our users complying with it. Any infringement of European intellectual property rules and (or) copyright laws will be prosecuted before the courts of Brussels or the Justice of the Peace of the 2nd Canton of Brussels. Agence Europe retains the right, however, when plaintiff, to bring the dispute before any other competent court in accordance with ordinary law.

Agence Europe, like all paying media, fights against the illegal and systematic distribution of its contents, all of which are protected, but authorises, within the strict framework of an exclusively internal use, the transmission of an article or an extract of an article to a member of one's family or to a colleague. Please note that each additional one-user licence costs significantly less than the full price of the first licence.

Online_2 licences: on quotation. This multi-user licence via ip address allows everyone within the same company, public service or school to have access to our daily bulletin. For an exact quote, we must know the number of workstations to be covered.

Kind regards,

Agence Europe, Brussels

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