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There is no better daily newsletter than the Europe Daily Bulletin for all topical issues relating to the European Union. Drafted in French, it is translated in real time into English.

Since 1953, our bulletin has given a daily overview of the whole range of European Union activity.

Fills you in on what is happening in the European Union, in English and French, five times a week. Our specialist team sifts through, analyses, explains and comments on every aspect of the European institutions and agencies, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of Europe. And then there are the perceptive and thought-provoking insights of our distinguished lead writers.

Read by tens of thousands of subscribers from Brussels to Berlin, Paris, London, Washington and Beijing, the Europe Daily Bulletin is an essential work tool for all decision-makers, be they politicians, diplomats, industrialists, consultants or legal experts.  The Europe Daily Bulletin is, moreover, probably the preferred source of information in the academic world.

The following supplement is included in the subscription rate:

  • Kiosk (bi-monthly): Publication concerning political and economic books and reviews, covering all aspects of European integration, as well as international policies, especially that of large organisations.

The Europe Daily Bulletin (which, since 1 January 2018, has included the content of our former twice-weekly Europe Diplomacy & Defence for matters relating to CSDP and PESCO) is available electronically under one-user or mutli-user licences. Do not hesitate to write to us for a free trial or for further information.

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