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Online_1 : single-user licence with limited archives
Online_1+ : single-user licence with big archives

A single-user licence in one language (French or English) or bilingual, with username, password and individual account management facility.  With Online_1 and Online_1+, every reader is responsible for his/her account.  There is a bulk reduction for additional licences at the same postal address.  With small or big archives: either you have one year of archives or you have access to the archives dating back to the year 2000. In both cases, the archive grows during the subscription.

  • Subscription rate Online_1 : €1930 per year.
  • Subscription rate Online_1+ : €2316 per year.
  • Additional Online_1 licences : €750 per licence.
  • Additional Online_1+ licences : €900 per licence.
  • Additional licences are in the language of the main licence and cannot be bilingual if the main licence is not.
  • Additional licences cannot be Online_1+ if the main licence is Online_1. The opposite is allowed.
  • Rates for national or international administrations: please contact us
  • Rates for schools or universities: please contact us
  • Bilingual licence: please contact us
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Online_2 : multi-user licence with limited archives
Online_2+ : multi-user licence with big archives

The multi-user licence via ip address allows everyone within the same company, public service or school to have access to our daily bulletin.  Here too, monolingual or bilingual licences are available.  For an exact quote, we must know the number of workstations to be covered.

For business selling telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services, VAT is charged where the customer is based.

The reproduction or distribution of our publications, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited in accordance with the legal provisions in force.  Partial reproduction rights may be granted by special agreement.

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