POLAND: Commission will again consider increasing pressure on Warsaw over rule of law

Brussels, 24/07/2017 (Agence Europe)On Wednesday 26 July, the European Commission will discuss action to be taken on the issue of the rule of law in Poland and, in particular, whether to send a third recommendation to the Polish government, in the wake of the country’s president, Andrzej Duda, vetoing two controversial laws – indeed, the two considered to be the most problematic – on Monday.

Last week, Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said that the College of Commissioners would send a third recommendation to the government of Beata Szydło under the rule of law...

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Europe Diplomacy & Defense No. 1006
EU calls for fight against corruption to gather pace

Brussels, 24/07/2017 (EDD)The EU’s ambassador in Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli, called for the process of verifying electronic declarations by Ukrainian senior officials and politicians to be speeded up, the Ukrainian press agency, Interfax, reported on 21 July.

When quizzed by Interfax, Mingarelli said: “The process must be brought to a much higher pace, in hundreds if not thousands...

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1953 - 2017

On 12 March 1953, the first issue of the daily news bulletin "Europe" was published, and we are therefore celebrating our sixty-fourth anniversary. This is a ripe old age for a press agency, but is not extraordinary in and of itself: older news agencies exist, some of them much older. What is unusual about us is that we are exactly as old as the first European Community, the forerunner of today's European Union. In July 1952, the Paris Treaty came into force, giving rise to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and it was at the beginning of 1953 that the "ECSC levy" started being applied, the first European tax. In February 1953, the coal and steel markets were opened up to the six participating countries. This moment marked the end of prehistory and the beginning of history for the united Europe, and Agence Europe's newsletter took on its role of closely following developments in Europe's history from one day to the next.

Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11835 - 25/7/2017
POLAND: Commission will again consider increasing pressure on Warsaw over rule of law
BUDGET: Irregularities identified in 2016 EU budget down by 15%
DIGITAL: Confidential positions of nine member states on online private life protection reform
AGRICULTURE: EU requests particular status in wine and vine organisation
HEALTH: Discussion on renewal of alcohol strategy sidesteps issue of labelling
CONSUMERS: Public consultation on potential health risks of blue LEDs
COMPETITION: Commission looks into revelations of alleged cartel in German automotive sector
ECONOMY: IMF optimistic about Eurozone growth in 2017
GREECE: Europeans welcome IMF's agreement in principle to grant Athens aid of €1.6 billion
PAYMENTS: Public consultation on reducing costs of cross-border payments transacted in currencies other than euro
TURKEY: Johannes Hahn urges Turkish authorities to respect freedom of expression
AFGHANISTAN: EU redefines its strategy towards Afghanistan
IRAN: Parties to action plan on Iranian nuclear programme reaffirm their commitments
GULF: Federica Mogherini calls for urgent solution to crisis
MIDDLE EAST: Quartet encourages Israel and Jordan to collaborate on Mosque Esplanade/Temple Mount
MOLDOVA: Vote for electoral reform could have consequences on disbursement of financial assistance, Hahn warns
UKRAINE: EU calls for fight against corruption to be accelerated
RUSSIA: EU concerned that possible US sanctions may harms its energy interests
ENERGY: European General Court rejects appeal from Poland and PGNiG on granting additional capacity to OPAL gas pipeline
SOCIAL: First 'positive' contact between unions and French President Macron
AGRICULTURE: Eight member states call for use of safeguard clause on rice imports
AGRICULTURE: EU agri-food exports saw 9% rise in May
BANKS: European Parliament's concerns at possible removal of American bank resolution authority
ECB: Number of counterfeit euro banknotes falls in first  half of 2017
BELARUS: EU condemns two further death sentences
COMPETITION: Ms Vestager welcomes Cypriot tax reforms applying to tax arrangements for financing companies
ENERGY: EIB loan of €300 million to modernise electricity network in Netherlands
SPACE: United Kingdom could be excluded from Copernicus if it does not demonstrate a 'firm commitment' by end of year
MONGOLIA: EU opens delegation in Oulan Bator
CIVIL PROTECTION: EU stands ready to help victims of Aegean Sea earthquake
VENEZUELA: Critical opinion from Council of Europe on Maduro's proposed Constituent Assembly