Beacons: From Father Christmas to Orchestrated Citizens’ Conventions?

This year Father Christmas came. He came 24 hours late and only on 7 December but at least this year, the person who had been systematically snubbing them for so many years, did come. This time he came adorned with the features of Martin Schulz, the former President of the European Parliament who had become, that very day, the boss of the German Social Democrat Party. The President of the SPD took out a present from his sack that even the most optimistic Europeans were not expecting and at the same time, he even sent a poisoned chalice to Angela Merkel.

The SPD Congress grudgingly agreed...

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Europe Diplomacy & Defense No. 1043
European leaders hail establishment of permanent structured cooperation

Brussels, 13/12/2017 (EDD)On Thursday 14 December, the heads of state and/or government are expected to hail implementation of permanent structured cooperation (PESCO) in their conclusions.

On Monday 11 December, 25 member states reached agreement on the first 17 projects which are to be developed as part of PESCO (see EDD 1042).  According to draft conclusions, the European leaders...

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1953 - 2017

On 12 March 1953, the first issue of the daily news bulletin "Europe" was published, and we are therefore celebrating our sixty-fourth anniversary. This is a ripe old age for a press agency, but is not extraordinary in and of itself: older news agencies exist, some of them much older. What is unusual about us is that we are exactly as old as the first European Community, the forerunner of today's European Union. In July 1952, the Paris Treaty came into force, giving rise to the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), and it was at the beginning of 1953 that the "ECSC levy" started being applied, the first European tax. In February 1953, the coal and steel markets were opened up to the six participating countries. This moment marked the end of prehistory and the beginning of history for the united Europe, and Agence Europe's newsletter took on its role of closely following developments in Europe's history from one day to the next.

Bulletin Quotidien Europe 11925 - 14/12/2017
Beacons: From Father Christmas to Orchestrated Citizens’ Conventions?
MIGRATION: European leaders return again to highly controversial question of relocating asylum seekers
EMU: First post-crisis debate between 27 on future of Eurozone
UNITED KINGDOM: EU27 ready to launch second phase of Brexit talks, on their conditions
FOREIGN AFFAIRS/DEFENCE: European leaders celebrate establishment of permanent structured cooperation
SOCIAL/EDUCATION: European Council expected to confirm commitments made during Gothenburg summit
CLIMATE: France wants reference to climate action at European summit
SAKHAROV PRIZE: Venezuelan opposition calls on EU to remain 'firm' in opposing Maduro regime
MIDDLE EAST: MEPs call on the EU to act following Donald Trump's announcement about Jerusalem
FOREIGN AFFAIRS: European Parliament calls for creation of Directorate General for Defence within the European Commission
TAXATION: Parliament agrees on post-Panama Papers recommendations, less ambitious than previously
FOOD SAFETY: Parliament reluctantly agrees to Commission proposal authorising phosphate additives in kebabs
JHA: MEPs call for swift enlargement of Schengen area to include Romania and Bulgaria
HONG KONG: Parliament calls for stronger bilateral dialogue
FISHERIES: EU ministers agree 2018 quotas for Atlantic and North Sea
BIODIVERSITY: Further meeting in 2018 on proposal on neonicotinoid ban
HEALTH: Committee of national experts narrowly adopts criteria on endocrine disruptors in pesticides
HEALTH: Commission adopts 2018 work programme
COHESION: Commission says around 44% of ESIF investment planned for 2014-2020 committed
JUSTICE: MEPs want to introduce new criminal penalties throughout EU to tackle money-laundering
MERCOSUR: No agreement in principle on EU-MERCOSUR trade negotiations before early 2018
TRADE: 119 WTO countries set up a platform to remove obstacles to women becoming autonomous
HORN OF AFRICA: Aid of €174.4 million to tackle causes of illegal migration to Europe
FOREIGN AFFAIRS: EEAS should boost efforts to improve impact of EU election observation missions, says Court of Auditors
STATE AID: Green light to Polish measure in support of renewable energies
FINANCE: Commission recognises equivalence of several regulated share trading platforms in Australia, the US and Hong Kong
BANKS: Single supervision – Court rejects Crédit mutuel Arkéa's appeal
COUNCIL OF EUROPE: Emergency assessment of possible breaches of independence of judiciary and fight against corruption in Romania and Poland
SPACE: Successful launch of four new Galileo satellites
INDUSTRY: Small business welcomes adoption of Juncker plan 2.0
DIGITAL: ALDE group at the European Parliament publishes its positions on fake news and misinformation
NATO: Mogherini and Tusk welcome extended mandate for Stoltenberg as NATO Secretary-General
REGIONS: European Commission grants first financial aid to Saint-Martin and Guadeloupe following hurricanes Irma and Maria
SAHEL: Neven Mimica confirms EU support for joint G5 Sahel Force and regional development
PLANTS: New plant passport adopted