Europe Daily Bulletin No. 12839

25 November 2021
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Op-Ed / Op-ed
284 group advisers, parliamentary assistants and trainees call for “zero tolerance for harassment” in the European Parliament

The European Parliament will vote next month in plenary session on a resolution and an oral question (see EUROPE 12742/30) on the consequences of the MeToo movement for the EU institutions and the measures taken by these institutions to prevent internal harassment and assault afterwards (see EUROPE 12598/7). Ahead of the vote, 284 parliamentary assistants (APA), group advisers, trainees and members of the Parliament's staff have signed a petition initiated by the MeTooEP collective (see EUROPE 12114/30) and addressed to MEPs.


Since the MeToo movement in the European Parliament (#MeTooEP), we have gained considerable attention for the fight against harassment in our work premises. We ensured that there are confidential counsellors for victims, training courses for the prevention of harassment as well as a mandatory code of conduct for members of the European Parliament.

Yet, a lot still needs to be done, in order to adequately prevent and manage sexual and moral harassment cases in the EP. We still see, hear and witness some serious cases involving members, parliamentary assistants, group advisors, contract agents or trainees of the Parliament.


The 25th of November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This is an occasion to raise attention to an up-coming resolution of the Parliament. A resolution drafted by its committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality calls for further action. This long-waited text will be voted on during the December plenary session of the EP.


We, signatories, call all Members to vote in favour of this text. In particular, we support its call for:


1. A mandatory training for all Members on harassment prevention. Current voluntary harassment prevention training is like ‘preaching to the converted’ and thus is insufficient.


2. Professional and medical expertise to support the work of the Advisory Committee on harassment prevention. This composition of this committee is currently 50% Members of the EP, having to work on cases often involving their colleagues, and 50% representatives of the staff and assistants. It is not composed of, nor provides for, an expertise by a workplace doctor, psychologist or professional in the field of harassment prevention.


3. Commissioning an independent audit by experts chosen in a transparent process with a mandate to examine the situation of harassment and abuse in the Parliament, evaluate the functioning of Advisory Committees on harassment and propose adequate changes. We request as well the outcome of this audit to be made accessible to workers and the public.


We believe these measures would allow our institution to better identify, counter and sanction harassment as well as give confidence to potential victims and whistle-blowers that their voice will be genuinely heard, without fear for their careers. We also believe these measures would allow the European Parliament to be a better and safer place of work for all.


Zero-tolerance for harassment now!


Signatories : Abou Bakari Narmine (Group Advisor), Adamec Tomas (APA), Antonini Giulia (Intern), Argerich i Terradas Helena (Group Advisor), Bach Amandine (Group Advisor), Badie Marie-Lou (APA), Balavoine Charlotte (Group Advisor), Bang Andersen Mikke (APA), Barberis Matthieu (APA), Barisauskaite Vilma (APA), Bazantay Antoine (Group Advisor), Behrla Emma (Group Advisor) Beller Beate (APA), Bernard Philippine (APA), Berthon Chloé (APA), Bilotta Michela (APA), Björkvall Beata (Group Advisor), Borg Janica (APA), Bots Kaat (APA), Bouman Marloes (APA), Boutet Pauline (Intern), Bouzol-Broitman Boris (Group Advisor), Bovendeaard Myrthe (APA), Braun Till (Group Advisor), Breederveld Roy (APA), Brouwer Bauke (APA), Buchinger Hannah (APA), Bucht Amanda (APA), Bulumac Cristian (Group Advisor), Buss Rosa (Intern), Cadwallader Katy (APA), Casadei Michele (APA), Casteignau-Bernardini Emilie (APA), Castellana Laia (APA), Cazin Margot (Intern), Cecchi Marine (Intern), Cecilia Olivet Maria (Group Advisor), Chaplain Roxane (APA), Choban Hakan(APA), Cionna Gianluca (Group Advisor), Cojocaru Anastasia (Contract Agent), Coléou Manon (Local Assistant), Cornah Jonathan (Contract Agent), Cornelisse Corinne (Group Advisor), Cornelsen Hannah (APA), Crespin Andre (Group Advisor), Cummins Patrick (APA), Cunha Lis (APA), Daniele Michele (Local Assistant), Datta Anupriya (Group Advisor), Dawit Tesfay (Contract Agent), De Lazzer Thierry (APA), de Neijs Esmée (APA), de Riquer Blanca (Group Advisor), De Sa Carneiro d'Orey Maria Pilar (APA), De Sá Ferreira Ricardo (Group Advisor), De Sancho Alonso Irina (Group Advisor), de Smet Lisa (APA), Denuit François (APA), Deval Alex (APA), Devaux Fanny (APA), Devillepoix Eléonore (APA), Diez Cecilia Daniel (APA), Dimitrovs Aleksejs (Group Advisor), Drui David (APA), Ehlert Saara (APA), Eichler Till (Intern), El Ghoneimi Schams (Group Advisor), Espina Lopez Nora (APA), Fabre Valentin (APA), Feio Jose (APA), Félix Cardoso Jorge (APA), Fisera Raphael (Group Advisor), Fraser Madeleine (APA), Gago-Chidaine Claire (APA), Garcia Duran Irene (APA), García Soriano Beatriz (APA), Gebauer Stella (APA), Geismann Louisa (APA), Gilder Claire (Group Advisor), Givropoulou Aimilia (APA), Gommel Ana (Group Advisor), Gonzalo Donaire (APA), Goret Camillle (APA), Grabowski Sonja (APA), Gracia Villamayor Francisco (APA), Gradstein Stephanie (Group Advisor), Gram Drachmann Andreas (APA), Graus Ischi (Group Advisor), Groenendijk Emma (APA), Guillot Coralie (APA), Gulli Gérôme (APA), Hadviger Tara (APA), Hallstan Max (APA), Hartmann Sarah-Maria (APA), Hautbois Noë (Intern), Heberer Charly (APA), Helind Tuuli, Hellemann Frederikke (APA), Henkel Sarah (Group Advisor), Hérail Gilles (APA), Hermann Frank (APA), Hernández Santos María (APA), Herrmann Maxime (APA), Hertner Annemarie (APA), Hild Angelika (APA), Hof Verena (APA), Hogarth Matthew (APA), Holtzapffel Jelle (Intern), Horn Milena (APA), Hornyák Evelin (APA), Horst Gina (APA), Iorio Fabian (Group Advisor), Iria Román Cueva Noa (APA), Jaksch Ota (APA), Janurova Martina (APA), Javier Matellanes Muruzábal Miguel (Intern), Jokkala Toivo (Group Advisor), Jourdain Livia (Group Advisor), Jurik Beata (Group Advisor), Jurine Magalie (APA), Kamal Caroline (Local Assistant), Katanic Edo (APA), Kavelaars Maarten (Local Assistant), Kelantonaki Marilena (Group Advisor), Keller Esther (APA), Kerivel Charles (APA), Keßler Christina (Intern), Khatchikian Anahit (Group Advisor), Kiel Maybritt (APA), Kockelmann Nikolas (Intern), Kok Lowie (APA), Kray Tim-Oliver (APA), Krüll Katharina (APA), Kurtovic Petra (Intern), L'Haridon Morgane (APA), Labaste Aude (APA), Ladekarl Jens (APA), Lagou Marios (Group Advisor), Lankhorst Roos (APA), Laporta Elena (APA), Le Louarn Adrien (APA), Ledwith Zoe (APA), Lindman Vera (APA), Lopes Rhia (APA), López Jurado Enric (APA), Lorenzetti Lorella, Lundager Jensen Mette Marie (APA), Lutz Alexandra (APA), Lysaght Bella (Intern), Machacova Jessica (APA), Madeline Vincent (APA), Malinovska Renata (APA), Mandy Ligthart Maria (APA), Mang Sebastian (APA), Marion Pierre (APA), Maris Jordan (Intern), Marius Kat (APA), Martín Brennan Jonathan (APA), Masson Christophe (Local Assistant), Matamala Elisabet (Group Advisor), Mateos Revuelta Marta (APA), Mehdi Alexandra (APA), Meijerink Geert Jan (APA), Meulepas Ruut, Micallef Pia (APA), Miglioli Chiara (Group Advisor), Mindegaard Asger (APA), Moisan Yoann (Group Advisor), Mojtahed Najafi Alast (APA), Mouchtar Arzu (APA), Mouden Camille (APA), Muscat Aleandra (Intern), Myszkorowska Dorota (APA), Neumann Antoine (APA), Neyhouser Simon (Group Advisor), Ní Chléirigh Rose (APA), Nilsson Mahela (Intern), Novotny Michal (Intern), O'Connell Edwin (APA), Ojala Annika (Campaigner), Olesen Anton Svane (APA), Olier Catherine (Group Advisor), Olsson Felicia (Intern), Oosthoek Alderik (APA), Opat Tomas (APA), Orrù Veronica (APA), Otto Asta (APA), Palmer Candice (APA), Papenborg Sietse (APA), Pearson Laura (Group Advisor), Pechmann Patrick (APA), Pelegrín Marugán Silvia (Group Advisor), Pettinelli Sara (Intern), Pichon Océane (APA), Ploegmakers Ilse (APA) Polestsuk Vadim (Group Advisor), Pollinger Pia (Intern), Polusik Marta (APA), Radlher Julia (Intern), Raible Sebastian (APA), Ramalho Ariana (APA), Rauszer Sophie (Group Advisor), Real Laura (Group Advisor), Richard-Molard Gabriel (APA), Robbesom Ruben (APA), Rodríguez Forrest Jon (Group Advisor), Rodriguez Marzo Eliseo (Contract Agent), Roos Florine (APA), Rosseels Sophie (APA), Rossignol Alice (APA), Rowlands Jasmine (APA), Ruocco Julie (APA), Saarinen Ada (APA), Sahan Makbule (Group Advisor), Sánchez Estefanía (APA), Sandbye Emilie (APA), Sanjuan Guerrero Eva (APA), Santos Sofia (APA), Sardà Júlia (Group Advisor), Sassmannshausen Alexander (IT Project Manager), Schalthoff Lara (APA), Schenk Torben (Group Advisor), Schmidt Juliane (Group Advisor), Schröder Clara (APA), Schubert Jung Monika (APA), Schwimmer Lise (APA), Seppälä Antti (Group Advisor), Serier Cassandra (Contract Agent), Siampanopoulos Kostas (Group Advisor), Siguier Emilie (APA), Sikora Monika (APA), Silbernagel Julius (APA), Simoes Lilian (Intern), Simova Lidiya (APA), Simper Julie (Intern), Smid Elmar (APA), Söder Joakim (APA), Sorri Ilona (Intern), Spataru Irina (APA), Stockhausen Björn (Group Advisor), Stonner Marion (APA), Storck Lisa (Intern), Storz Gesa (Group Advisor), Suarez Juan (APA), Sveistrup Hedvig (Group Advisor), Szilágyi Johanna (Intern), Tanahatoe Daniel (Contract Agent), Tannert Susanne (APA), Terhorst Marieke (APA), Thomson Damien (Group Advisor), Thor Beata (APA), Thouroude Véronique (Group Advisor), Tifine Antoine (APA), Trépanier Constance (Intern), Tuchais Félix (APA), Tullemans Anne (Group Advisor), Tuokkola Marianna (Group Advisor), Vagner Tamara (APA), Vallittu Emmi (Intern), van Aarssen Davy (Local Assistant), van Alfen Maino (Group Advisor), Van Caimere Wout (APA), Van Cleynenbreugel Jef (Group Advisor), van den Groenendaal Bram (APA), van der Loo Diederik (Group Advisor), van Leeuwen Willemein (Local Assistant), Verheul Julia (APA), Vicente Moreno Ana, (Group Advisor), Vihinen Danica (APA), Voicu Cristian (APA), Voisin Mathilde (APA), Vonschenck Sofie (Intern), Wedel Judith (APA), Wego Julie (Intern), White Alexander (Contract Agent), Wikström Emma (Intern), Wolf Petra (Local Assistant), Woods Claire (Intern), Yasar Arzu (APA), Zalcman Julie (APA) Zapiain Egana Leire (Group Advisor), Zinke Arnika (Group Advisor)